Having trouble with the on-screen ruler?

  • Be mindful of the glass screen. Look straight down when measuring each end of the object, otherwise the angle of view will make your measurement inaccurate.

Having trouble with the Augmented Reality feature?

  • The app needs to detect a flat horizontal surface before you can place a ruler. This requires moving slowly over a table or floor. Travel closer and further from it for a couple of seconds.
  • Detection not working? Ensure that the room is well lit and that the surface is well textured. Pure white or black surface or transparent or reflective surfaces don’t tend to work.
  • Once the red button appears, tap and hold to place a ruler on the detected surface.

Having trouble with the print feature?

  • Some printers are quite imprecise. Always verify the result against the on-screen ruler, which is very precise.
  • A calibration feature will be added in future to correct imprecisions.